Simple Correlation and Multiple Regression Among Leaf Characteristics Smoke Components and Biological Responses of Bright Tobaccos

Glutamic acid um / g 8.91 14.11 16.79 9.50 7.61 5.47 4.49 5.05 1.97 .00 2.01 .00 .02 9.54 5.54 6.45 6.19 4.33 4.33 4.82 5:73 1.42 1.05 .54 2.05 1.47 2.40 1.80 2.02 6.49 10.43 9.16 5.19 5.81 5.02 4.65 4.45 .75 .67 .93 .67 .67 .91 1.33 ...

Simple Correlation and Multiple Regression Among Leaf Characteristics  Smoke Components  and Biological Responses of Bright Tobaccos

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