Histories of Emotion

Susan Broomhall, ed., Emotions in the Household, 1200–1900 (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2008). Susan Broomhall and J. Van Gent, “Corresponding Affections: Emotional Exchange among Siblings in the Nassau Family”, Journal of Family ...

Histories of Emotion

This study addresses two desiderata of historical emotion research: reflecting on the interdependence of textual functions and the representation of emotions, and acknowledging the interdependence of studies on the premodern and modern periods in the history of emotion. Contemporary research on the history of emotion is characterised by a proliferation of studies on very different eras, authors, themes, texts, and aspects. The enthusiasm and confidence with which situations, actions, and interactions involving emotions in history are discovered, however, has led to overly direct attempts to access the represented objects (emotions/feelings/affects); as a result, too little attention has been paid to the conditions and functions of their representations. That is why this study engages with the emotion research of historians from an unashamedly philological perspective. Such an approach provides, among other things, insights into the varied, often contradictory, observations that can be made about the history of emotion in modernity and premodernity.

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