Berlin Hostage for the West

Ernst Reuter , the hero of the West Berliners ' resistance during the Air Lift , and his successors – particularly Willy Brandt , Reuter's political heir , who was elected Mayor in 1957 – were eager to integrate West Berlin into the ...

Berlin  Hostage for the West

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Berlin, Hostage for the West
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Authors: John Mander
Categories: Berlin (Germany)
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Berlin lies more than 100 miles behind the Iron Curtain within the Soviet-occupied zone of Germany. It is not, however, part of that zone. It is a separate political entity for which the four major allies of the war against Nazi tyranny are jointly responsible. Its special status stems from
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A source book of primary documents for students and scholars of Germany since World War II, revised from the 1984 Politics and Government in the Federal Republic of Germany to include new sections on the former German Democratic Republic (East Germany) and the process of German unification. Other sections include