Over the last 5 years (2009-2014), I have been creating these positive vibes and sharing them on all of my social media sites. I have done so, because my motto is "Inspiring, Motivating & Encouraging the World - One Poem/Positive Vibe at a Time." Therefore, I use my GIFT of poetry and positivity to uplift people in the world as often as I can. I am now in a position to share a voluminous amount of my Positive Vibes with you in this one book. Hopefully my words, my poetry, my positivity & my creativity of all 4 will surely be a blessing to you from the moment you read my first words. Thank you for your support and continued support over the years. These Positive Vibes are also reflective on clothing, bags, glasses, etc. via my online store www.cafepress.com/poeticflowstore. I hope you enjoy! Peace, Blessings & Much Love! Poetic Flow™

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