Take some heat off the complexity of thermodynamics
Does the mere thought of thermodynamics make you sweat? It doesn't have to! This hands-on guide helps you score your highest in a thermodynamics course by offering easily understood, plain-English explanations of how energy is used in things like automobiles, airplanes, air conditioners, and electric power plants.

Thermodynamics 101 — take a look at some examples of both natural and man-made thermodynamic systems and get a handle on how energy can be used to perform work

Turn up the heat — discover how to use the first and second laws of thermodynamics to determine (and improve upon) the efficiency of machines

Oh, behave — get the 411 on how gases behave and relate to one another in different situations, from ideal-gas laws to real gases

Burn with desire — find out everything you need to know about conserving mass and energy in combustion processes

Open the book and find:

The laws of thermodynamics

Important properties and their relationships

The lowdown on solids, liquids, and gases

How work and heat go handin hand

The cycles that power thermodynamic processes

Chemical mixtures and reactions

Ten pioneers in thermodynamics

Real-world applications of thermodynamic laws and concepts

Learn to:

Master the concepts and principles of thermodynamics

Develop the problem-solving skills used by professional engineers

Ace your thermodynamics course

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