Sometimes being the boss’s daughter has its perks. Other times…

When I graduate college, I strike out on my own, wanting to make my own mark on the world. A entry level job at a world class social media management company couldn’t be a better spot. Best of all, it’s separate from my Dad. Or so I thought.

A night out at a concert to relax gives me more than I bargained for. Intoxicating music and three silver foxes who teach me more in one night than I’ve ever experienced in the bedroom. I’ve got it made.

Then I meet my bosses… Who are also apparently my dad’s secret business partners. To make matters worse, I may have possibly called at least one of them Daddy during our heated passion.

The attraction is undeniable, but so is their determination to keep me at arm’s length. And I’m fine with that. Who needs gorgeous, sexy hunks that make my body melt when I have my whole life before me?

Me. Apparently.

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