Written by award-winning author and CEO of Inkstacks, Kimberly Cooper Griffin, edited by Marlo Garnsworthy, and published by award-winning independent publisher, Night River Press, Inkslinger – 99-day Guided Writing Experience guides  you through the first three phases of the writing process. Starting with the basics, it provides a quick and fun set of educational material to lift the confidence of new writers, while reminding experienced writers of the fundamentals. This opens up the creative pathways, making room for that, oh-so-critical magical inspiration. Next, it motivates you through the perspiration of the process, by setting up the foundation of a solid structure, giving a set of easily attainable goals, queueing up accountability, and cheering you on to a strong finish. Finally, Inkslinger walks the writer through the finish line with solid revision and self-editing tips that take the ugly first draft through the transformation into a solid manuscript. This guide packs a lot of knowledge and how-to into these pages, but we've deliberately made it fun to read, easy to consume, and inspirational, so you will be encouraged to write that book you've been wanting to write for so long.

Books are the release of concepts generated by a fertile mind. They contribute to culture, history, and the stimulation of new ideas. But, only a fraction of a percentage of the people who say they want to write a book ever really do. That leaves a huge amount of stories and ideas lost to the inaccessible recesses of creative minds. Inkslinger helps to free these stories by removing the obstacles that prevent people from making the transition from idea to written story.

This book also contains:
Educational material on the foundations of writingWorksheets to build a solid storyA flexible, yet structured scheduleEasily attainable goalsRevision and self-edit guidelines to transform an ugly first draft into a solid manuscript, worthy of submission to a professional editor or a pitch to an agent

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