Bria De Luca lives life without a safety net. As a professional skydiver, she's always ready to take a leap of faith. Even a bad landing that breaks a few bones, and a breakup that shakes her confidence a bit, isn't enough to stop her from living her life full throttle. When she meets a hot Aussie at a Halloween party, she's ready to ditch the costumes and play a little trick and treat.

Owen Blackthorne is in the States to visit his sister and to try and keep his mind off a life-changing phone call he's waiting for. When the most amazing woman he's ever met grabs his attention at a rooftop party, he decides she's the distraction he was looking for.

Neither of them are looking for anything serious, and love at first sight only happens in the movies, so why does whatever's sparking between them start to feel so...significant?

Author Note: 100% insta-love warning. Plus there's a cinnamon roll hero you will just want to lick all over.

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