Nothing ruffles Desmond Russell's feathers…until he meets her.

Arson investigator Desmond Russell knows fire like he knows his own body and soul. Sent to the small outback town of Wallaby Ridge to investigate the destruction of a homestead, he instantly clashes with the captain of the local fire brigade, Jess Montgomery, a feisty woman no taller than his chin, with wild red hair and a mouth like a drunken sailor that pushes buttons in him he didn't know he had.

Jess Montgomery's brother died in a fire she knew wasn't an accident years ago, but the investigator who arrived from the city said it was. Now there's another big city investigator in the Ridge thinking he's better than her—and he's the son of the drunken investigator who dismissed her claims of arson in her brother's case. No way is she going to let him waltz in and take over. No matter how freaking sexy and poised he is.

The initial spark will engulf them... but will their hearts survive the inferno?

*** A Note From Lexxie: The Australian outback is always hot, but the desire to be found in the Outback Skies series is hotter. There's insta-love, angst, danger, laughs and lots of getting-it-on. Are you ready to visit Down Under?***

Books in the Outback Skies series

Book 1 - Bound By You

Book 2 - Breathless For You

Book 3 - Burn For You

Book 4 - Bare For You

Book 5 - Better With You

Book 6 - Blindsided By You

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