Executing a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC project has never been easier!DMAIC: Project Execution Essentials Handbook is finally here.Have you ever wanted to add value to your customer, or company, or work place by executing a Lean Six Sigma DMAIC Project? But could never get started? or could never complete? or could complete, yet after much frustration?Maybe due to your tight deadlines? or workload? or maybe because no one ever told you what exactly you had to do?You are NOT ALONE. Most people who try to execute Lean Six Sigma projects do face these challenges.So, if you need to execute Lean Six Sigma DMAIC projects seamlessly, easily, and with confidence, you need look no further.Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Mentor and Coach, Sumeet Savant, with more than a decade of experience in executing, leading, and mentoring hundreds of Lean Six Sigma improvement projects brings to you a simple, straight forward, no nonsense handbook which will enable you execute Lean Six Sigma DMAIC projects quickly, effectively, and efficiently.He shares his belief: "Keep things simple, crisp, and concise, and then executing Lean Six Sigma projects will be easy and fun for you"Do Act Now and have a LOOK INSIDE the short book to have a brief experience of the immensely valuable information it has in store for you.With this book, you will get to,- Know the core essential components needed to execute a DMAIC project.- Know how to execute a DMAIC project, using the core essential components.- And know it in the least number of words possible – to help you deliver a DMAIC faster.This may very well be the last book you will ever need to execute your best Lean Six Sigma DMAIC projects.We are sure about it! And, so will you be!

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