Flying halfway 'round the world to meet his potential soul mate sounds like a fine idea to Dylan–until he discovers said soul mate, Annie, has gone looking for him. In Australia. Now Dylan's adrift, a bloke from the Outback alone in the big city. Until he's rescued by Monet, a gorgeous local artist and Annie's best friend.

A dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker, Monet has never met anyone like Dylan. Taking temporary care of the sizzling-hot cowboy is easy; he's friendly, funny, and interesting. Keeping her hands off him is decidedly not easy. That accent, that killer grin, and as a successful artist, Monet is very much a hands-on sort of girl.

An Aussie cowboy doesn't belong in New York any more than a city girl belongs in the Outback. If only their hearts would listen.

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