She’s the last Valkyrie, cursed by Odin to die and be reborn again and again. The immortal men she’s been fated to love throughout history are searching for her in this life to keep her alive.

Kirby’s an elite sniper, trained by the gods to execute their enemies. When those same deities turn on her, she turns to the only person left she can trust. Her handler helps her plan her vengeance. He’s her partner and protector, but she wants the one thing from him he refuses to give—his affection.

Starkad would go to war with the gods to protect Kirby, but there’s one thing he can’t do for her—tell her the truth about their past. That his wolf has never stopped searching for her, his mate. That she’s cursed because she surrendered her immortality for him in her first life. If he tells her too soon, he risks her destruction.

When fate tosses Kirby’s other mates from her past back in her path—a Celtic Trickster god and an Egyptian God of Fertility—memories of her previous lives begin to emerge.

She needs to recall everything to become a Valkyrie again and regain her immortality. If the gods she’s hunting get to her first, she’ll be ripped from her shifter, from her gods, one more time. But this time, there may be no returning from death.

Start reading this reverse harem paranormal suspense today, and see why readers say Valkyrie Reborn is a “story where nothing is quite what it appears to be”, “an addictive fast read”, and “PHENOMENAL!!!”

Author's Note: Please visit my website for trigger warnings associated with this book.

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