Whether you are brand new to painting, or have experience with oils or watercolors, this book gives you all the helpful tips and techniques to get the most from painting with acrylics. Compared to other paints, using acrylics is somewhat new. They were more often used in industry until water-based acrylics came on the market, in the 1950's. 

I will teach you how to select paints and other materials for your painting enjoyment. Learning the differences in performance between acrylics and other types of paints is especially important. 

Acrylics dry much more quickly than oils, for example. Once you master the techniques used in acrylic painting, you'll likely enjoy this medium. 

This e-book also helps you in choosing and mixing colors, and in the creation of tints and shading in your work. 

You'll learn everything you need to know, including:

How acrylics differ from other paints

What acrylic colors work most effectively

Selecting paints

Choosing brushes and other materials

Different painting techniques used with acrylics

Handy tips to make the most of your work with acrylic paints
Acrylic painting is not as difficult as you might think. Learning the basics, in logical progression in this book, teaches you what you need to know in each step of painting, so you won't get lost. You can learn, practice and profoundly deepen your ability to impress with your acrylic masterpieces. 

The promises of acrylic paints as an art medium are worth the study time and work involved. This e-book tells you all you'll need to know, and gives you confidence to explore with acrylics. 

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