Afraid of being outed, Neil Hunter, "Hunt," dreads meeting the new "human lie detector" at the precinct — a registered empath who can sense truth and falsehood.

But Skyler Zane is more of a mess than any closeted cop could ever be, with an abusive ex and a history of mental issues.  And instead of avoiding him, Hunt ends up taking him under his wing, looking out for him.  

And maybe falling for him, too.  Everything is going well — including their unexpected feelings for each other — until Sky's skills come to the wrong attention.  Now it's up to Hunt to find him — and figure out how to keep them both alive.

~45,000 words

a Men of the ESRB novel 

The Extra Sensory Regulatory Bureau rates talented individuals like empaths and clairvoyants. They have special gifts--and often some extra burdens that go along with them. The ESRB takes care of its own, but these guys still have a lot to figure out about life--and love.

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