Trey's life has been one of protection and privation.  Facing a hungry winter, he leaves his mountain home and family and goes looking for work in the human world.  The "wolf school" seems like a good choice.  He might not know much about the modern world, but if he can learn to work with a human, he'll earn a good living, never go hungry again, and help his family survive, too.

It's just a job, and he doesn't understand why some shifters are so fussy about who they team up with.  Finding the perfect partner is a no-brainer for Trey.  He just needs someone he trusts and can work with — someone who isn't overly emotional.  Trey easily finds the right partner — as long as his choice agrees to it.  As long as no emotions get involved.

Heat level: very low

45,000 words
A Shifters and Partners Novel

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